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Econometrics Consultancy

Quantum Dynamics in an econometrics consultancy. We specialize in assessing the economic output of commercial and industrial developments and businesses. We excel at developing sophisticated, market-tested models to measure the impact of development projects and policies on job creation, wages, tax revenues, overall economic output, and other key factors.

Core Services

Our work primarily involves deploying sophisticated econometric models to calculate the direct and “multiplier” effects associated with a given development project, one-time event, or existing industry.
We typically deploy well-established input-output modeling techniques drawing from among the leading methodologies in our field, including IMPLAN, RIMS-II, and the REMI General Equilibrium Model.

Project Orientation

We don’t aim to be academic theorists or quant pundits. Rather, we strive to provide our clients decisive information in the service of consequential decision making. To support this goal we frame our analysis
in a strategic context informed by political and practical realities. We craft deliverable to match, producing compelling materials that speak directly to the intended audience. Our reports do not sit on shelves. Rather, they actuate decision makers.

Advisory Assignments

Besides our project work, we also take on advisory consulting assignments for builders, planners,
economic developers, regulators, and industry, on economic development strategy, ES-5 investment,
master planning, strategy back testing methods, and benchmarks and metrics development.


Indicative Assignments

Below are several typical project assignments from our files. While not a comprehensive list of our project scope, they are a representative selection of our typical professional challenges.

New Developments

Analysis of the impacts of a new industrial park or office complex, this to support the developer’s case for public taxes credits and development grants.

Existing Industries

Calculate the overall jobs, wages, and economic output within a host county generated by an industrial facility, this to help the company occupying the site to better communicate their role in the economic life of the community.

Alternatives Analysis

Measure the prospective fiscal impacts
of a number of proposals for a key development site, this to help local officials objectively score the proposals and better inform their selection process.

Strategy Back Testing
Study a series of development projects comparing realized fiscal output with forecast values, this to back test a grant program. The project was undertaken
for a local legislature considering more funding for the program.
Base Closure Analysis

Calculate the economic value of a military base within a three county area, this to help support the community’s case for keeping the base open in the face of an impending Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC) review.

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Economic impact studies offer industry a highly-credible, cost-effective means

of cutting through the noise and conveying their economic value to host communities.